Secure Wi-Fi with a strong signal

Bad or no signal?

Almost everyone needs Wi-Fi for work or home.  A reliable Wi-Fi network is a must.  ITCAMO can make that possible for you. 

In many cases you cannot purchase a Wi-Fi router, plug it in and it gives you great performance in any area of an office or a home.  ITCAMO can help fix that problem.

Wi-Fi monitoring

Wi-Fi is living and constantly changing

What does that mean?

Over time, as closets get full, devices are added, electronics are purchased, or your neighbor gets internet, your Wi-Fi will degrade. 

Wi-Fi needs to be monitored and adjustments are necessary to keep it running optimally. The 2.4 and 5GHz spectrum that Wi-Fi uses is a shared medium so everybody has the rights to use it. Just as your next door neighbor does.

Monitoring allows us to make adjustments on the fly when signals start getting tramped on.

An access point might need to be physically moved or changed to a different channel to avoid collisions and keep the signal strength as strong as possible

We have the ability, certifications and tools to install Wi-Fi that works. We have the capability to monitor it daily and analyze log files when things aren’t working as they should. We are able to make adjustments on the fly to keep your Wi-Fi available, and performing as expected.