Where we came from

Established in 1988 in Indiana Pennsylvania, ITCAMO was originally “Microconetics, Inc.” We are now doing business as ITCAMO to be more descriptive of our services, to analyze, sell, install and support your IT systems.

First, a software developer for a major orthopedic company, Microconetics developed and supported specialty software to hundreds of distributors all over the U.S. Soon after that, it was realized that the distributors had a real need for someone who could manage and maintain their computer networks and assets. Microconetics thought that it was important to be able to support the entire infrastructure along with the software so they hired engineers to do just that. 

With word of mouth advertising, many companies in Indiana, PA needed the same infrastructure support and  reached out to us for help. As word spread about our IT support, in 30 years, we have helped hundreds of small to medium businesses in western Pennsylvania and many parts of the US with their technology solutions. Today, we are well adapted to create and manage any of your  needs in reference to  the never ending, always updating technologies that exist today. We can build from the ground up or begin with your present system to adapt to your needs.  We wish to build a relationship based on trust. We work together so  you may  use your technology to make your company more productive and profitable. 

We want to be your IT department!  Lets work together to make your IT Department the best it can be!  It doesn't matter your location, we can be there in person or remote.  

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